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My last blog was a book review, that focussed on being healthy. To counter act the healthy living, I’ve decided to post a how to on making some awesome cookies!

The best part about making cookies is the amount of receipes that exist. There are hundreds, probably thousands of possibilities on the internet, and everyone has their own spin on it, dough, filling…you name it.

When I’m making something for the first time, I swear by the BBC Food site, they have some awesome recipes from some of the best chef’s in the world. Just think about all those cooking shows…most of the recipes are on the site.

I know there are people in this world who swear by recipes, and doing them exactly how you are told TO THE LETTER! Personally, I really like the recipes that have some wiggle room.

My starting point was:

350g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp salt
225g of butter
2 eggs
175g caster sugar
175g brown sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
350g of dark chocolate chips
(You will need weighing scales, an oven tray and grease proof paper too)

This last part was the bit I decided to ignore. I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate and like fruit in my biscuits.


As you can see, I have a big bag of Cranberries (thank you Costco!) and it’s not clear in the photos, but chocolate Orange’s were only a pound in the local supermarket, and that combo is far better than just plain old dark chocolate.


Combine the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt in one bowl, you don’t have to mix it, I just give it a shake so you don’t have a pile of bicarb or salt on the top.


Next, lets get the butter, both sugars and the vanilla into another bowl.

Now lets ‘cream’ it.


In English, get a spoon and mash the butter and sugar together until it looks like this.



Get the eggs in and mix some more, doesn’t have to be perfect, just get mixing.


Next stage is to add some of the flour mix.


You want to don’t want to do this all at once. Add a quarter, mix it, more, mix, more, mix…until you get this…


Sadly during the mixing process…


I had a casualty…my favourite mixing spoon. For future reference, maybe I should have let the butter warm up a little first, rather using it straight out of the fridge.

At this point, I turned the oven on to get it warmed up, gas mark 5 / 190C. Next step is filling!!


As you can see, I wasn’t to fussy about breaking the chocolate orange apart, I just did it with my hands. Chunky chocolate for the win! Conveniently a chocolate orange is 175g, so that was half the filling and if you look hard you can see the 175g of cranberries underneath.




Mix harder!


That will do.


When I’m making flap jacks I use 2 spoons to mix out an nice looking amount, there is no science to this. Its a case of taking roughly 2 spoonfuls of the mix and roughly shaping it and then getting it on the tray. I know cookies spread a little when you bake them, so I put 9 on the tray to give them some room to spread.

Get them in the oven for 10ish minutes.

I went and sorted some of my washing, I am so rock and roll.

10 minutes later….


Whoops…little bit too much cookie mix.


Not so much 9, more one giant one! I still had cookie mix left, so I lifted the greaseproof paper off the tray and put the super cookie on the side to cool and made up a second batch…using smaller amounts of cookie mix.


10 minutes later after more washing sorting…


Not such a mega cookie, but still stuck together…

Finished result…


So there you have it, from not a great deal of ingredients, we have one ubercookie and 9 smaller ones that are the size of your hand! I split the smaller ones up and put them in a box and took them into the Burning Red office to share (best way to stop you eating all them to yourself) and cut up the ubercookie for my house.

This is a nifty little introduction to baking. Its not to complicated and can customised to your taste, or whoever you are baking for. The best part, even cooking 2 batches (I only have one shelf in my oven) it still took less than an hour from start to eating.

To paraphrase Guns ‘n’ Roses…Get in the kitchen.

25. October 2013 by Michael Partridge
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