A beautiful moment…

I saw this video via a friend posting it on facebook, my first thought was, this is a beautiful publicity stunt…a really beautiful stunt.

I then started to question why I loved it…the answer is simple.

Take music that is usually reserved for stuffy concert halls, that has a societal/conventional dress code expectance and takes it back to the people.

I’ve been to recitals, the power and sheer volume of the orchestra was breath taking. It didn’t matter what they were playing…I’ve seen a traditional carol concert, Blue Planet live…each time, it was the music that made the occasion special.

Why do orchestra’s have to wear suits and be stoic? I have never know the answer, the best I’ve got is tradition.

I’ve always thought certain traditions sits far to close to elitism and classism for comfort. Elitism and classism are abhorrent behavioural traits, they create resentment to different groups of people because they are from a different walk of life. Togetherness is a wonderful thing.

I’d love to see something like this happen more often. I work in Cardiff Bay, I would love to see an orchestra outside the WMC on a summers day performing in the oval basin wearing shorts and tshirts.


Final thought…over to Scroobis Pip…

23. November 2013 by Michael Partridge
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