I am not in mourning for anyone in particular right now, but I have been thinking about the nature of grieving and death.  With the premature passing of Steve Jobs, there has been an (all too familiar) out pouring of people who had no contact with him (or any celebrity/icon) in mourning or genuinely saddened by his passing.

This isn’t that strange a situation, as I said to a friend on twitter, “I know how they all feel, I was exactly the same when Macho Man Randy Savage died!”  This was not taken seriously at first, but I really meant it.  I had been watching old WWF events a few months prior to his death and had been throughly reminded how talented he was and how much of an impact his character had had on me when I was younger.

I’ve digressed a little…Jobs passing got me thinking, is there anyone out there I would truly mourn (in the way the Apple fans have) when they die, regardless of the fact that I had never met them?  I started thinking and here is my list:

George Lucas.  I joked that I wouldn’t mourn his death as it would mean he could no longer mess the Star Wars films up further, but there is no escaping it, if Lucas died tomorrow, I would wear Darth Vader black arm band for weeks.  If you don’t know this about me already, I have more than one Star Wars tattoo.

Vince McMahon.  I have spoken about one wrestler already, but here is the man responsible for one of the few (other) things that make my life complete.  If it weren’t for him, countless childhood and adult memories would not have happened, I would not have some of the friends I do, I would not have had the countless happy nights spent watching wrestling.

Stan Lee.  If there is one man other than George Lucas responsible for me being a nerd it is Stan! I still get excited by his tweets. His creative spark one possessed by so few.  I still get excited every time I watch a cartoon opened with the immortal “…true believers…”

There are a few other people, who I won’t go into great detail. Dustin Kensrue, his style of playing and song writing changed my attitude towards music.  Mike Vallely, his passion and conviction to go that extra mile for people has always been an inspiration.  Toby Morse, his pride has given me a sense of conviction and determination. OLOC! And a fair few members of the cast of the various incarnations Star Trek…

I don’t want to dwell on this idea too much, but give it some thought, what it boils down to is a person who has played an enormous part in your life despite the fact that you have never and probably will never share a room with them.

17. October 2011 by Michael Partridge
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