A sad day for Welsh Music

This morning took a strange turn when I found out about the far to premature passing of James McLaren. A man who has consistently and passionately supported the Welsh music scene for 15 years, by putting on gigs, running magazines, blogs…its a fucking long list and one hell of a legacy. (Click here for a glimpse)

I don’t mind admitting that I don’t remember ever meeting James (although I get the feeling we must have), but we spoke on twitter a great deal and his writing always made my day brighter. When I was living in Italy and feeling homesick, reading his blog posts made me feel a little closer to home. That meant the earth to a guy feeling isolated in another country missing his old life.

I will never forget his post about Queen coming to Wales, three reasons, we talked for ages about it as we had very similar experiences with Queen, my Uncle had gone to the Queen gig mentioned in the article and we joked about the fact that I saw Brian May play Cardiff Ice Rink…

When Steve Jobs died I wrote a blog about mourning people who you have never met, but had impact on your life, never did I imagine it would be someone who I wish I had just made the effort to meet in person.

The world of social networking connects more and more like minded people and I have come round to the idea far more, there are a large number of people in the world wide web, that I have never met, yet would call my friend. I’d like to think that James was one of them.

Rest in Peace James. Your writing inspired me to do same and speak passionately about things I cared about. If nothing else, thank you for that simple gift.

08. August 2012 by Michael Partridge
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