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and prolonged, but even then the detection of a rub first converts this sus-

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since the edifices are all of them nearly or fully com-

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of illness, want of appetite, or nausea for two or three days before the

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were cleared off and the patient carefully washed and redressed.

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and the English, Irish and Scottish Conjoint Boards. The

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patients. Ogata's observations have not been confirmed.

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experienced a strong dragging in the spermatic cord, so that the testicles

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11. W. IlEID, M.D., F.R.C.S., Dean of Medical FaaiUti.

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handsome testimonial, consisting of a silver claret-jug, bearing a

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complished in advancing our knowledge of this subject. A few

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& result of which alone abnormal amounts of amorphous

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the operation was most grave in children: of 16 children, 9 died from the

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with dyspnea ; and any great exertion, even in healthy people, causes the

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prostatectomy ; and (5) he recognises an additional type of vesical obstruction

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words, not until hepatization of the implicated lobe was fully

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Stoll (Maximilianua). Eatiouis medendi [etc.]. 8°. Vi-

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and very seldom earlier. Liebermeister, on the contrary, says that they

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but it does not detach membranes or shorten the duration of the disease,

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Tlii-; difficulty, however, is fast disappearing. The general health

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this fcrtid filthy material in the tonsillar lacunaa is the cause of

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of all the muscles, before tumbling down for the night, will suffice. By

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making him escape over chairs and tables from the room.

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Dr. Hyde believed that it should lirst aim to protect

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used. It was such a forcible lesson to me that, since that time,

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Here, too, the body was least able to react quickly under

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prietor of such a preparation is liable .to damages for in-

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They have been classified according to their stimulating, narcotic, or seda-

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tissues besides an abnormal vaso-motor disturbance, which

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slightly sweetened. It is likely that any other smart acid

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the usual statical machine a Kuhrnkorff coil attached to a (irenet bat-

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With a view of rendering this table more useful, the

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morning before breakfast, or more than seven hours after an ordinary

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that systemic poisoning, due specifically to zinc and copper, does not

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Symptoms. — The disease usually commences with symptoms

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Yale had shown several cases presenting a deformity in this

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fever ; and 3d. We see occasionally cases of true and fatal puerperal fever,

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Many of these symptoms also belong to hysteria, neurasthenia, prolap-

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Esq. was distributed to the Council. Attorney Schreiber

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