Anafranil Yan Etkisi

in four different ways ; (i) By degeneration or necrosis of
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intjuiry. Ijut is a fact fraught with momentous consotjuences to the moral and
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Keports, vol. iv., p. 14 — incline me very much to think that too
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ing a sort of balance, the normal secretion of each gland depends
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I learned that he had suflTered by an attack of this disease during the
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under the province of the general surgeon, or orthopaedist.
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hospital, and Physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat.
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Local measures of treatment are important. Leeching or cnj^Ni^
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venereal diseases, following the ideas of Balfour, Hunter, Adams,
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reverse this order of things, and feed by day and sleep by night.
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half -day, has the eruption spread well over the body. In the more
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to return. After the first application of the water, that parch-
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lead to abortion. Here a tonic treatment, as by iron and bitters, is clearly in-
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edge of the drop is reached. Besides the forms, the motility of
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diseases, and even normally more creatinin is present than uric acid;
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a young mind, and to renovate in the old, an ardent love
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Army Xurse Corps from 403 to 21,480. The Surgeon-General's
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came by accident. Some accidents are bad things for communities, but
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rpHIS PLASTER has been found to be admirably adapted to
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physician that supernumerary fingers are usually he-
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the semilunar valves to its bifurcation. Both ventricles were hyper-
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vals of about five days, according to the patient's con-
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L. F. Kebler, Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry at Washington, D. C,
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ent and when at its maximum the entire body is covered,

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