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will be most kindly. The rule is very simple : Given a soft and
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"With these symptoms as a guide, we may prescribe matri-
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tations, are chronic bronchitis and incipient phthisis, ob-
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outpressing fluid. He also quoted Mr. Lane's case of bringing the os uteri
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the year he was apparently well. Again he remained well for about three
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date only from this time, and this indeed seems, in many
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is more frequently combined with other stimulant expectorants,
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rapidly, or progresses too slowly, we conclude that the deposit
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sheep are prone to eat dirt, old mortar or sand. An irrita-
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It is the continued and orderly exercise of parts that gives
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Usual Prescription. — IJ Eupatorium perfoliatum, gtt. x to
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children; febrile stage of inflammatory affections of the respira-
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Tlje clinical thermometer indicates pyrexia and measures
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pies the posterior nares and extends down behind the soft palate,
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melancholia is very apparent, while the excitement of mania, the
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The wrongs of stomachic digestion are frequently announced
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sedative action upon the circulatory apparatus exerted by potas-
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When we study the circulation of the blood as a factor in
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catarrh of the bladder and urinary passages; chronic gonorrhea;
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where the circulation is superficial, is a prominent indication
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the fluids themselves. Bad blood and its consequence, a loss
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human subject maybe tied in such a manner that the wound may unite by
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This salt of bismuth has a very soothing influence upon mu-
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ment. In gonorrhea, gleet and spermatorrhea it is of consider-
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space generally extends the full length of the shoulder
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the inclemency of the atmosphere, which is generally not
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cases of excessive activity of the urinary organs when there is
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ciable result ; this arose from a want of knowledge of the pro-
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ure, and the silver ligature. None of these, except the presse artere, has
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entire problem of milk pasteurization should be studied more
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Roger Lee. Table of 28 cases diagnosticated as typhus fever showing a persistently

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