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The most frequent sequelae are anemia, chronic naso-pharyngeal

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use ether, because it has been shown that fewer deaths on an

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at certain periods of the day — viz. on lying down at night and on

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urine, the feces, etc. The principal procedure used was the half-

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tropics. Formerly much was lost in shipping, but now fast

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attention to the fatal fallacy of regarding the coldest bath as the

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respond feebly to the first bath, requiring prolonged exposure to it, and

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puffs. Investigation showed me lack of cleanliness and lack

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I'arrv and ^lullen exceeded their rights when they took control of

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they become rancid. In this country we do not often get

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power, a daily neuro-vascular discipline as it were, is demanded, and

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ments were made with formaldehyde in forty per cent,

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with I.I ash, where its virtue lies. Cauliflower has over 90

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to a close, the old gentleman, drawing himself to his full

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis is easy, the nature and position of the

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County. There were about three thousand patients within

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the ovaries in Graves' disease, has adniinisrerod corpus hitcnni to

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very little if any effect upon the central nervous system, which, as

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hot and cold water, in a stream of about the size of the little finger and

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Definition. — An acute contagious disease, characterized by an in-

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73, and constructed with movable tops and doors. An adjustable seat

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is in a good location, one of the best, indeed, and the sur-

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Barton retired early under the same conditions, which early

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to the peritoneum. I have recently observed brilliant results from the

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to hold the corks; now much wine is tied by wire alone.

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of the young, see that they get sufficient of proteids in their

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Dr. Horatio C. Wood, who, as Professor of Therapeutics in the

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mornino; remissions touch a level from one-half to one deocree lower than

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In this connection two questions present themselves for consideration :

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nosis are — enlargement of the spleen and liver, a negative character of

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■' Thinking- this undesirable from a public standpoint, I have

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list of surgeons in England and Scotland and Ireland, such a

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horst). Catarrhal, or even croupous, pharyngitis may occur, and a

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In an article by Hassenclever* this author gives the histories of six

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that these autotoxins are consumed in the powerfully enhanced combus-

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planted as dwarfs, — pears on quince-roots, — and these planted

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iEgineta, was an active hydrotherapist; he applied cold affusions in

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The mention of Pancoast's name naturally brings up the

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lesions, but rather to the degree of sensitiveness of the patient. It is

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serum, but bronchitis remained. The sputa were muco-puru-

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