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with the safer method to contribute their mite in favor of

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was hard for him to use the needle on any other portion of his

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was also called to the action of the vapor of ether, which

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not fatal. The rule is that the patient is taken per-

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Richards, J. W., contract surgeon, is granted leave for two months,

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the scrotum as large as a hen's egg. The ring is large enough to

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be remembered that this marvellous success was due to

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lodges, and the attending medical stafif, but by means of

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for the stone was adduced, who attained a success of

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calcis into the tibia, in order to secure the bones at right angles to

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present, and that their effects (which are generally the most obvious pheno-

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preservation depends upon its power to check bacterial growth. High

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stimulating enemas. An active cathartic should not be given if the pulse

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stretched and sprained, at the time of the fracture, so

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indication -Ovulen and Demulen are indicated for oral contraception.

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portant to remove them in order that no occlu.sion may take

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occurring under any other circumstances, except that

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caine hydrochlorate, i part ; extract of cannabis indica,

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of supposed counter-agents. A memorable example of the evil here

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particles of lime having been partially reduced by heat and drought on

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make a few observations. You rightly complain of the

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scleroderma, and nephritis ; but all these could be ex-

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and long-term therapy. The majority of these patients

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brane is hard to say. Some believe it does, and others

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function: Effects of unilateral vestibular lesions. Trans Am Acad Ophthalmol Oto-

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liquid been drawn off, a hundred and fifty grains of a solution

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arms, thus relieving- the pressure on the spine. No

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