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Association does not recognize any homoeopathic college, the

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plained of, and there may be also a disposition to inflammation. The

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surrounded b}^ small elevations of a papular character, somewhat re-

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hand, those patients who consume greater than 160 g of

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Sir Frederick Treves. — Mr. Frederick Treves has had the

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to any text-book on surgery. There are several ways

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will vary materially with the kind of body and complication of the

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whenever the church-bell Bounded, which, unfortunately, is

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Dr. C. B. McXairy, Kinston: I am wholly unprepared, but I am

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■obtain milk from dairymen who guarantee that the tubercu-

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; may be equally met with in lungs that are putrefied, or which have received

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increase in combustion, just as in the protein metabolism.

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health was iinproved. Soon after she became pregnant,

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communicating artery. Then they curve over the front edge of

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sweating-sickness. Again, docs the supposed danger of checlung the

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thronghout a district into which it has been introduced, and passes from one

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stead of sharp edges, will impinge against the soft parts.

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there has not been found a single condition traceable to any tangible

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tally diseased and sent to a hospital for the insane. A distinc-

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prisoners in the healthy gaol remained healthy, and

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AMA, enter into a trial of credit-card dues payment for 1988

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Reiche,^ in 42 autopsies on cases of diphtheria in which the LoefHer

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detail what he considers the most practicable abdominal opera-

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use the above material for his dissertation. This was published

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time to fulfil promises for space previously made to others

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upon the South Coast for winter residence ; that, while the bracing

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solicited to provide a paper, to be read at next meet-

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I have already said on the many occasions when we have discussed the

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fering with what was supposed to be eczema. He returned to his ship

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presents some fissural peculiarities which will be de-

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disease. On the same principle ergot of rye or lead may be supposed to

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from stagnant leavings of the last rains, and in wet weather a

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ing regions of the Western and Central States it is a common

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trusting to chances. Every practitioner of large experi-

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wise. Further, the effect of the direct rays of the sun are entirely

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detriment, but always of inestimable value to the professor. The heal-

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complication of pleurisy or excessive spasms of coughing. The

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imperfect knowledge of the blood in health and disease, it is, in itself, a

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