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that is new that they should interest him. There are very complete Chapters on g
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collateral questions, afiecting the poor, out of their province. Set apart
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in the areas for which they were responsible, and the objectionable and
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Two physicians were called in, during different periods of the affection ;
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joint on one side, and after a time the opposite joint begins to swell. Both
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feet on each side, studded with pediculi. The old man appears to enter-
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attending on them, and often when the disease is over there is no recollec-
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tained, there is almost a total absence of lesion in the joints ; but the
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their healing contract, and so cause a serious amount of tracheal stenosis.
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cost of the asylum is not realized ; but Dr. E. has no children, and says
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on lectures. It will be comprised in one octavo volume, and appear in
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on Fractures, Plastic Surgei-y, Bone Sargery and Surgi<'al Infecti'-ns contain so much ^
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subsequent to the post-obit examination, I was seized with chills, which
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its employment was attended with the greatest danger, as it led in many
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through the ordinary influence of the black Uood, may render the pulse
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% only excited a pleasant merriment ; but if the monomaniac writer
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the existence of a patch of which, often of very limited extent in early
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channel of the arterial blood, faster than it can be conducted away by
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florid and pointed granulations, having an even surface, but slightly ele-
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as the patient, is sometimes produced by "clonic" spasms of the tensor
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mother-in-law was a midwife, and had the management of the case until
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including 24 observed by Dr. E. T. Williamson, in which the disease
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appears under a severe type. Mild cases are slow in their action upon
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pelvis, holds up the abdominal viscera, and supports the perineum and
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these the founder of the modern system of Therapeutic Gymnastics (P. H. Ling)
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disease. When injected in a dose of 1 c.c. into a glandered horse, the
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it as an albumose. In many respects it resembles the enzymes. Thus it
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the toild parmip nor Alexanders (Sinyrniuin aureuni) need be niistakeo
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the patient died seven months after the removal of the tongue. On post-mortem
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which is greater than that of the vegetative cell, the bacillus thus assuming the
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