Indomethacin Neonates Ductus Arteriosus

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Chairman (1949); B. Landis Elliott. Kansas City (1950); John

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grams of the foot showed no evidence of bone destruc-

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at that point. All such Canadian animals must be loaded and shipped in cars in which

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of the nineteenth century. Other importations came from Holstein

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that sixty miles would be a maximum distance. Also,

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viscera. They vary somewhat in the relative amount of proliferation and

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The fluid intake must be kept high. It is no longer

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No. 74). To further complicate the situation, Cruveilhier {loc. cit.,

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interesting problems have evolved through them from the autopsy.

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The inferiority of the native horse stock is mentioned not to find

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crease of external temperature nearly so wi'll as a normal animal.

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in the minds of some breeders that the harm done by infectious and

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