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men's cases were all successful, and the last-named

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of the predominance of the scientific over the trade-

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To avoid the possibility of returning the sac, I have

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The monster evil, gratuitous medical services, will,

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deeper in ' all things clad' Still we are not deep, the

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cal Act, the legal maxim, " Qui facit per ahum facit

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ere long be considerably augmented, and the Society

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sufficient provision for the remainder of my journey

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was obliged to bring out through the skin three times, (see the

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hours for such subjects is much too large a dose, and

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he states " has been often attempted in France, but

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ment of hereditai'y syphUis justifies me in continuing

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fula or i-ickets can be inoculated ; but it is better to

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The first subject to which the Council directed its

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liarities of every case most fully related, but every

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be deduced, that the two surfaces of his lens were not centred. In

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logist of modern times, — " Ce que vous voyez," says M.

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is the very flavour of the spirit, its savour, its rich and

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tions as much as possible, so that answers from the

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his great kinsman, in the possession of the Earl of

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But while ^Ir. FarnaU, the Poor-law official, is ready-

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and sects, to which they respectively attach quite different

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abated by remedies prescribed by the family physician, but

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answers the piu^pose required of it, and produces the

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tj-phus, with its companion, relapsing fever" — has

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direct observation, careful dissection, and microsco-

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through loss of its liquid. I believe, however, that

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the mainspring of its popidarity, to impart this latter

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come eczematous very shortly after vaccination ; but

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four doses of calomel and opium ; but complains now of

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be enlightened as to the evils which tobacco-smoking

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spinal axis ; but the existence of a cord of communication with

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