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shipments from the receipts, however, there is shown in a general

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The President, Morris B. Simpson, M.D., Kansas City,

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findings. The more autopsies the clinician has seen, the keener is his

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Hartville; L. T. VanNoy, M.D., Norwood; R. A. Ryan,

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U. S. Department of Aoricultcre, Office of the Secretary,

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ici«li)tli\ rill iiiii\ l>i' in iMHiiliiniitinii witli prutciii, rotiiiins; iddidli.viH

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number lost in transit to Great Britain, fiscal year 1905-<5 20

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between the local Inspectors and the others as to which animals should be condemned and

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1. If you feel sick, call your doctor at once. Don't wait for a

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vein liloocj sinks to not i -c than 1 liM'il of the inn-nial amount, 'i'lo'

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head of cattle; and while but one county, Greer, has be^n placed

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is too brief to be of much value except as an adjvmct

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as containing 12 per cent plasma cells. The patient

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painted and whitewashed. Two cats were observed In the ham room. For the sausage-

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(^areful exnminati..n -f the p..sition of the touch spots wi)l further

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half to thr..o nn.l a half s.-.-oiuls, a. nlinn t.. tho stromth of tho

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The next year, however, the exports decreased to 20,677,410 pounds.

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properties of the sugar in the control perfusion beyond the limits of

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wood sheathing. If the foot locks be molded. In the same and bolted to the deck. If the

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Regulation S7. — Suitable troughs may be built on the footboards about 12 inches wide,

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ive lesions of hog cholera or swine plague in more than two of the organs (skin, kid-

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was used in thirty-seven instances, and the bone was

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as it exists in the body may be ascertained by determining the values of

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considerably upset in consequence. The public prejudice was, how-

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$100.00 weekly indemnity, accident and sickness quarterly

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7. The legal phase of the question, including the scope of authority now possessed by

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(d.M'ol aldehyde iiia.v lie I'ormed in noriiial metaliolisin out ot' fjlycncoll

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brassiere is custom -fitted inch by inch to the patient’s

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benign hypertrophy of the prostate ; and two prostatic tumors, each of

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small area in the floor of the fourth ventricle. A small part of the floor

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dismisses other help and is responsible for the work of the packing house. The

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over a long period of time, because of the slow development of tuber-

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chronic inflanmiation, probably bacterial. Cases have been reported, as

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made with soldered joints, and the absorption tubes are carefully

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ment, Surg., Gynec. & Obst. 75:323 (September) 1942.

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stetrical procedures is available to medical groups.

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more frequent than has been supposed. In the reported cases large

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this presented at meetings of interns and residents by

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And no clearance shall he given to any vessel haying on hoard cattle, sheep, swine,

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monde privi d'oesophage^ et qui a vicu huit jours.'' Joum.

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■\Vh.'n r.'.-.iv.'ry urs. th.' s,.iis,',tions -^ra.lnally ivappear .•

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cytoplasm. In the thick stroma may be seen occasional groups of epi-

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A. W. McAlester, III, Kansas City, Chairman (1950); M. K.

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