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The Department of Radiology actively participates in the con

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or environmental adjustments necessary to the seeking

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for this reason. The tincture lately introduced into the Pharmacopeia

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himself in first class shape will do well to secure

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succeed in having it borne by any one to whom I have applied

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patient was now sinking fast and the ligature of the common

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friable microscopically the acini were crowded with fat globules a

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amine the limbs of horses published in the Review last sum

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from pulmonary tuberculosis in the census year was over

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little finger with ease. The stomach was of ordinary size

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substance by precipitation from the tissue juice or by a

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Pathology. The bacilli grow and develop in clusters iu the tuber

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given us and yet from what little relations we or his colleagues

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muscular coat of the bowel great care being taken to avoid per

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p irtion filaments to mouth and tongue c c branches to tenta

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quantities of whole oats or partly crushed oats in various stages

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appears to have been familiar to M riters even before the

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cutting of sections before the time of the people he had

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the treatment of blood poisoning and of affections of the respiratory

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pneumonia and in these there was evidence of hepatir

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legions of the branches of the auriculoventricular bundle are followed

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Poultry Show Wisconsin Kennel Club Dog Show Milwaukee Wis.

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bers of the House Staff Doctors Strathy Lewis MacMillan

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the Toronto Flospital for Insane. Among the speakers on

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the remainder in Germany. Pregnancy was an absolute

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succeeds in landing a vigorous side swipe on the neck he

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rence of various neuralgias. Doubtless a distinction

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on the contrary having no goods to manufacture or to sell one

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