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causes pain; lies down gently; the continuous character of the pain is in-

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tion whether gloves are to be worn or not my plan ia

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of distention of the urinary passages, and according to whether

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TABLE 3. — Comparison of Electrocardiographic and Xkcropsy Findings

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lime infarctions, are especially frequent in older persons, and

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twice daily, will suffice. In addition to the anodyne effects

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natural. It presents an anxious, inquiring look about the fore-

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bandages applied to all four legs from the coronets to

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of late years; because frequent operations have demonstrated that,

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well ; felt an appetite ; no cough to speak of; lochia profuse ;

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The prognosis must always be guarded. From the statistics which I

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J. M. BOOTHS Y, M. D., Lecturer upon Insanity and Mental Diseases.

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Tachycardia following slight effort Slow heart action with powerful ventricular

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ued in service. When deemed necessary, authority will be given

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(1) Eleven cases of cerebrospinal meningitis, the meningococcus being

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hibiting the action of the pya;mic poison during life, and the post-morlem ap-

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fcitude of cases, accomplish the desired object, and then, if

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tion is by lysis, but in thirteen out of the 120 cases the tempera-

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Not many generations will have been gathered to their fathers until

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be noticed that the dog in lapping seemingly e.xerts himself more

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