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^iie strength and nutritive condition of the patient ; but we cannot

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hkxxl,'' and of ^coughing up blood by the pint,^' while the actual

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and the staphylococcus. On the other hand, they did not find the strepto-

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The term scrofula, as frequently used by medical practitioners and

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4, Boston 3, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Fall River 2 each.

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tuberculosis regardless of a patient’s HIV status. Data from

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factory to trace it through the various changes of a case so protracted

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features : the shallow vessel at the bottom, which is prac-

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todCd blood was effused to the extent of an inch beneath the outer mem-

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In cerebral hemianopsy the pupils react in the usual manner when a

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They are physically strong; they don't need any bandage. But

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may be predicted in the best studied cases, we need only refer to the

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values. The gambler not only hides and lies; he or she may engage in behaviors that were abhorrent

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other hand, in highly-developed organisms the function is apparently more isolated ; it

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To his patients he was kind, faithful, and self-sacrificing to an extreme

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of paying the medical attendant a yearly stipend has

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11. Transverse Section of the Spinal Cord in a case of Syringomyelia . . 169

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point of infection is made more difficult by the cicatrization of the parts

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Marquis of Beaumanoir. From a narrative drawn up by the

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scriptions for the diazo-reaction. The cases have not been

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to a certain will. And in another case, probably of typhoid, in

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glandular enlargements, except when syphilitic, were

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membrane must suffer tiU they become permanently relaxed.

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It- function i- t.> vary tlic current at will by rapidly increasing or

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SPREAD. By Hubert E. J. Biss, MA., M.B. (CanUb.), D.P.H 66

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The description of the chemical and physical properties of peroxide

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•extended, and the wrists are bent towards the ulnar

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this method of exhibiting mercury. In the first instance,

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is mainly due to the extraordinary talents of the leading mem-

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one liter, allow to stand, and decant. The solution should give the re-

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the bodies of executed criminals were sparingly furnished.

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Dr. P. Gingeot, of Paris. — ^In the first part of his paper Dr. Oingeot

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tenance is usually pale, haggard and distressed, the tongue coated with a

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