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Midlands seem to be experiencing a recrudescence in one and
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status and efljciency of army medical officers would tend to
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they are efticient and willing to remain at their posts, would be lial:)le to
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Whitcombe, Pliilip, M.R.C.S.Kng,,' reappointed Medical dffiicerr' at'uio
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which may possibly have changed his (the coroner's) opinion on the
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can you get metoclopramide over the counter
metoclopramide (reglan) for diabetic gastroparesis
graduation ceremonies take a prominent part in the celebra-
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at the end of the eighth month, and abdominal section was
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(A) incliidivg Pathology.— R. Bruce, E.N.Burnett, J. M'N. Christie, J.
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of the large towns. The 64 deaths from diphtheria included 44 in
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absence of tenesmus or pain anywhere (except on the paro-
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Medical officer of the Deoli Irregular Force and of Harowlee and Tonk
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the President, who condemned the administration ot alcohol
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the process of dilatation, and so lead to the establishment of
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innumerable forms of pessary, we must refer the reader to
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(London ; H. K. Lewis. New Sydenham Society). Pliysiography, by Pro-
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hospitals, we may refer our correspondent to the medico legal column
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Pass List, May, l.S9:i.-The following candidates passed in :
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met with several mild and ordinary cases of influenza among
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ing that I saw her, and came to the conclusion that the pro-
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to tlie interesting experiments of Leo, Charrin and Roger, and
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St Bartholomew's Hospital: K de R. Bell, King's Colleoe : H.
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On Monday a party of medical officers of health made an
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Dr. Otlbaet Smith read a paper on the occurrence and
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the few cases that have occurred at Calcutta, htnnsent police measures
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efliciency are often to be noted in published inquests, and
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organic iron of the food, which, therefore, becomes absorbed,
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due to an attack of influenza some four or five weeks
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fever contracted in the discharge of his duties. The deceased
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Zimmermann, of Basle, was the jiresident of the Congress.
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to the Direc'jor-General of the Army Medical Department and
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non-effective— and they now knew, from what his lordship
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own most secret thoughts, though they were miles away at
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at Vannes is admitted, also its extension to Quimper and Lorient ; and
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treatment could ever be adopted as a routine treatment. It
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removed, the pipette reversed, and inserted into the flask, as

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