Cancelling Quality in favour of Cookie Cutter Programes


I have recently finished watching season 3, AKA the last season of “Lie to Me”.  It was possibly one of my favourite TV series in recent years, and that is a big statement considering we have had “The Wire” in that period.

I know in this day and age a show being cancelled doesn’t always mean it is finished forever (Family Guy, Scrubs, Futurama, to name but a few), but in the case of Lie to Me, I am genuinely sad to see it go.  I can’t think of a show that has mixed dark humour, personal stories and psychology in a way that truly spoke to me, that well in an age.

I’m getting a little off point, there have been a few series that have been cut down at an open ended point, and it just so happens that Lie to Me is among the 3 of my favourite series.

ER; ran for 15 series, and by the very nature of the show and its character shifting, it truly could have run forever.  With ER, we (the audience) were lucky enough to get so much quality programming when production finally wound up and then not feel bad that it was concluded. Perhaps I was grateful that it ended, rather than ran for ever and spoilt its good name.

My Name is Earl; truly maddening. One of my favourite comedy series ever, yet cut short at the end of the 4th season and left on a cliff hanger.  This is especially annoying as there has never been a cohesive answer to said cliff hanger (the nod in Rasing Hope doesn’t do it for me)! Certainly another great show cut short too soon.

Lie to Me; I think the reason for its popularity with a demographic was also its undoing. You don’t need a brain to follow it, but you can’t be an idiot either. It is best summed up by a comment I read online, “Why does Tim Roth speak in that funny accent?” God Bless America.

There is some reason to this trail of thought…there are some incredible things in this world (TV, books, music, art….) that get ignored/cut short as society demands more and more mundane garbage.  There is soooooo much talent in this world it is untrue, yet somehow we continue to celebrate stupidity, the mundane and lowest common denominator.

Should the enlightened mass be forced down to meet the dregs of society, so a millionaire can get richer? Should a well written, professionally made TV show be cancelled so the money can be spent on another season of The Jersey Shore? National Geographic or Heat? Helmut Newton or another wanker with an iPhone and the instagram app? Queen or Glee?

Think about it next time you turn on the TV and the X-factors got talent dancing on ice with the stars is on…AND CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL!

15. April 2012 by Michael Partridge
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