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in the rural districts. The larger proportion of this

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In some cases anxiety and a feeling of impending ruin are associated with

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hospitals must first consult the interests of the stu

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suggests lowered vitality and tendency to degeneration but spec.ula

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may have their original start from such nervous source.

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The amount of serum required to furnish this minimum amount of

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passed over trays of charcoal. It also absorbs the colouring par

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cardial sounds they may be heard together with the systole or

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lymph glands in Pictou cattle disease showing the characteristic micro

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magnitude of the tumour Caesarian section should be per

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right side that of the left eye approaching from the left side

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Case V. Slightly larger brown and white buck rabbit eighty four days

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gastric fistula subacute peritonitis pulmonary edema scarring of pulmonary

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was injected the left eye slightly turned inward pupils dilated but no loss

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catarrh with dilatation of the stomach. Very careful

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the urine are made up of bodies which contain nitrogen and which are

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atrophy of the parenchymatous tissue. The gland is hard

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As the disease progresses the animal becomes sluggish

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neorrhaphie durch Spaltung des Septum Recto vaginale und Lappenbildung Volk

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I shall describe three varieties of chronic laryngitis catarrhal glandular

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thefe latter are feldom attended with vomiting and have pain on the

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nation as serum and erythrocytes in equal volumes these being the propor

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aJIected receiving the greatest attention. With the knowledge

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water with a very small quantity of quinine in solution. New ork

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well defined line just above the pillars of the ton

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already observed is not peculiarly active and the best pro

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yields a purely serous exudate without corpuscular ele

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units to suggest their general relation and after a while

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