Chocks Away! A video for Burning Red’s Design-a-day!

I’ve done some strange things in my time that I have pretended are work, this is definitely up there!

As part of Cardiff Design Festival, Camp Burning Red are running a little creative event called Design-a-day. The idea is you spend 25 minutes making something, doodle, photo, video, design…whatever really! There in lies the fun! Each day there is a brief/title and once you have finished it, post it to the design a day flickr group.

I decided to make a short film using my mobile phone. Forget the DSLR, this was all done on my Sony Experia. To be honest, it was a great experience filming on my phone, way better than the cumbersome VHS/Beta cameras I learnt on (and rather depressing, probably better quality).

My plan was to film something quickly, then cookie cutter edit it to a piece of music inside 25 minutes…yes it was stupidly ambitious and completely didn’t happen. I accidentally deleted part of my working file after 45 minutes and had to start again! At this point I decided to commit and make the best of this little project.

For such a quick thought out idea, I’m really happy with the end result…CHOCKS AWAY MOTHER ¢*&%£#!!!

Music from the TRV$DJAM – Fix your Face Mixtape.

02. October 2013 by Michael Partridge
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