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during pernicious anemia a localization of pigment which has been

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and finally the distinguishing characters of different species only make

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tific advances in photography. It is announced that

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exclusion of those who claimed as heirs of the infant Coye.

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the belief that while distinct types prove stable and enduring

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true which agrees with the original that weight or measure

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carried up with the fingers through the os uteri the water is

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drying at ordinary temperatures but owing to its great instability in the

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main indications for the treatment of the disease. To

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L. Q. Hknbbxbgib surgeon ordered to duty tn attendance

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consequence of their uneasiness and alarm at its effects cease

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Great Britain now demands that all dogs intended for shipment

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symptoms. In the majority of cases which prove fatal patients die during

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by causing retention of secretion cause hypertrophy of one

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and nervous systems rapidly diminish and bowel complaints are

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thicker fibers and developing very early in embryonic

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sudden changes of the patient s body Hippocratic succussion may often

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We will now examine the distribution of lunatics in the two

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