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quent and regular as formerly, when old racers earned con-
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present in the blood, not only of calcium salts, but also of COo, of col-
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backwards by the hand as far as the pubes, and no haMnorrhage ensues. The
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ly a drain is unnecessary, and even objectionable. 2.
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independent of either the nerves or heart, and that the
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peripheral neuritis, or of poliomyelitis. Otherwise, bilateral paraly-
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may swell to an enormous size so as to fill the whole oral cavity.
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by the published accounts of the disease — in cerebro-spinal meningitis,
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cal " January 28, 1888) again draws attention to a form of joint affec-
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The walls of a barren cyst are of varied density, but never
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affection. According to a German author, Henoch, ergot, in large doses, is
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men and after forty years of age. It has, however, been met with in tem-
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coagulate, an undue proportion of albumen. These means of topical
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had a discharge from the bowels which she thought was a little too loose, she
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single illustration will emphasize this, viz. : that twenty-seven per
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Dr. Griswold** reports, in the New York Medical Journal, six cases of
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Wood and Bache, in the Dispensatory which lies on every
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Hackney. On Friday or Saturday last the disease appeared
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and he showed a loss of muscle sense and weakness in
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giving rise to necrotic foci. This interstitial myocarditis
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M street^, is well furnished. The beds arc divided into
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bacilli is further evidence that the aspiration of these organisms from
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not be complete. The flow of urine is fairly free, and though no stricture
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act at all like other nitrates, saltpeter for example;
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color, smooth rounded and immovable, appearing to infiltrate
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satisfaction. It is simple and uncompHcated and easy of in-
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many unanswered questions that must be addressed in
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has taken his position and intends to hold it while he has any
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is born, is prevented. Such a case has not yet been decided, although from
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There can be no doubt that this gastric acid, when intense in
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in the fall of 1914 indicated that the diet had remained unchanged so
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ventricle. In this way they lead to intensification of the pulmonic second
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sac, which is a less uncommon accident. The bowel at the
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tained that the provincial members did not attend well,
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this there are exceptions. Partial cases are seen occasionally. Heredity
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murmur, according to the character of the obstruction, and it is sys-
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from the j)rogress of the symptoms, and the evolution of the disease.
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tinctly rural, while the transmitter of the more dreaded yellow fever, prefers breeding
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blood-serum of healthy individuals, as well as that of
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and valves were normal. The liver showed a few tuber-
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the innocuity of the method which, well applied and con-
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treatable. 26 Stool volume is related to food intake, especially
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SAFE DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT— Rents safe deposit boxes and provides storage for

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