Dangers Of Furosemide

and sutured by interriipted chromocized catgut suture. The
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demonstration, and the erection of a national monu-
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Poor. Mr. Fox directs that a substantial part of the re-
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Berliner klinische Wochenschrift , August 15, 1910.
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heart, bloodvessels, and kidneys. Still, it was diffi-
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tremely sensitive, especially over the lower left quadrant.
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8. The Incidence and Significance of Smooth (or Indura-
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went higher, but even then it remained so for a very
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consists in an investigation of the histories of those
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Autopsy : Stomach and intestines normal, except for an
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Physician Wanted as Partner to introduce electrical respirator,
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rent over the afifected joints or spine, and in the
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cus to two inches above the pubes. The peritonaeum bulged
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mode of living, his diet, or his habits, and that he
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tionsorgane. Mit 47 Abbildungen. Berlin : S. Karger,
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of the N. E. L. A. had reached the point in its investigation where
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operation with some alterations is the one best suit-
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1904. Mucous membrane lesions. Treatment : Inunctions,
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ever, such prisoner shall be cured prior to the ex-
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and the emotions. It is in this sense that one must
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lar tissue, but by its action in promoting hepatic se-
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vertigo, had fallen several times, and walked with char-
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9. Conservatism in Operations on the Uterine Appendages.
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blunder because of its failure to recognize the fact
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death rate for the week in each of the five boroughs was
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partvitcnt of Health for the following statement of new
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did it show external evidence of disease ; this was upon
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M. D., Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Medico-
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the blood pressure and the consequent strain on the
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plied over the heart and neck can be of assistance.
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to listen tc the miscalled Gernian bands — so first
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sponds with the so called colloid solutions ; that is, when
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than it has received in the past. An excellent index
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serum used in the treatment of cerebrospinal meningitis,
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modern authorities — an authentic case of undisputed
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high in the air does not necessarily prove that the women are all
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will be still further modified, for with our present
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dioxide. It is intensely cold, — 252° C, a very pale,
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Gifts to Yale University totaling $60,000 were annoimced.

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