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but with such powerful sources of radiation in a very short time. The penetration is al-
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femoral hernia in any other direction than inwards or upwards and inwards,
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unsym metrical cakes of thickened omentum, matted coils of intestine
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case, said Schede, belonged to the graver forms of poisoning by
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ritis, suppurative pyelonephritis, pyelonephrosis, pyonephrosis, abscess of
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into a small glass pipette or tube about an inch of the urine, let the finger
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1892, xli, 691.— Wai-dwell (TV. L.) A case of erysipelas
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excessive, rapidity of the heart, and in febrile diseases, if the pulse rises:
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The Use of Facia to Relieve the Tension on the Stick Line and so Support
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had existed in excess for twenty or thirty years without
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attentively patients who complain of general ill health, with more or
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Wilson; 'J'he Hon. Secretaries of the Royal Medical and
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for Physicians and Dentists was established by Executive
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symptoms are noted the Government Veterinary Oiificer
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breath, fetid or unhealthy. The hair of the coat also, will
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No second sound to be distinguished at the base over
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occasionally show that the child was living when the violence was applied to it. I
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18. See. — Infectious Pneumonia {L' Union Med., Nos.
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prophylaxis a two per cent, is needed. If the infecdng
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innominate artery" (James). Seven cases have been recorded in the literaturf--
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tion, as would be best for the patient. May 19, 1885,
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unions will take place alternately on tlie first of each month, at
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suggestion, that mere inflammation of the mucous membrane of
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boble. Leitfaden fiir ani>(dieii(lf Aerztu zur Voi -
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undergo a necrosis, to be later replaced by fibrous tissue. Osier
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atable and more easily digested, and should, therefore, be preferred in
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the chemical composition of the peanut. We find in the Ala-
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It differs from these, however, in the rapidity of the onset of the symp-
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may be said to have been successfully treated. Two derived no benefit,
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ahead as a sac " into the lesser sac and presented, as shown in
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region undamaged. A few of the thickened anterior and
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Thirap. Midico-Chir., No. 15, 1884) it possesses very
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countries in co-operation with the International Health Board
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the sacrum and coccyx and the nates that, though the possi-
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fair confidence in the regenerating power of nature, you will
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