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and J. Strassburger, Die Faces des Menschen, Berlin, second edition, 1905, A.

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most probable is, that it is converted into lactic acid, the latter combining

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Chest. — Right lung closely adherent to the pleura costalis ; and the pleura of both Ung*

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out,' . . . ' you will observe that they were all from old men ; and in

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by the bursting of a shell. Sight was lost in the right eye

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sufferer to incoherency and delirium, and death ensues."

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posed. In Munich, 114 out of 2,000 autopsies, gave 6.7 fo

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milk is to be supplied to infants. The food of the cows should largely con-

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of keeping UAalbj thyroidless young dogs alive longer than a few

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Mills and Oliver. They were first dilated and then contracted in a

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In the second left intercostal space close to the ster-

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which travel to opposite poles of the parasite, while a clear dividing-

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tion of such an effect in a great variety of cases,

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ciety, except on a majority vote of the Society in regular meeting.

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of Yamanashi, in which there were eggs exactly similar to those

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hand is very frequently covered by the paint, and conse-

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fecal a , -antitrypsin (FA) concentration, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), total leukocyte count,

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and expiration : the sound doubttess is made, but it is obscured

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suralis niit Kluni])fussgang, bedingt durch Plattfuss.

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what they conceived to be new and useful light. The i the imperfect law of 1874 iiecame the entering wedge

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of man which have inhabited this globe. The first livraison is

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animals and humans designed to evaluate the effects of both

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advocating the construction of a building with the same

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he thinks it correct to wait and operate in the interval. The

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shore, etc. There was the same relief experienced by

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puviileuta de la rodilla; invasion del pus al niuslo v pierna;

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parts here transversely at the level of the stretched web , carries the

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was a large tube felt on the right side. The uterus was normal.

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formed on the upper and outer quadrant of the retina,

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gress slowly and insidious'y, affords an explanation of

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uneducated and not prepared to study medicine who is ready to accept

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bers of this Society cooperate with the Board in their eflPorts

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to his phthisical patients a sober life, an appropriate diet,

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