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Toronto. Then, too, the irregularities in the breaking out of the

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phenomenon may be present although the patient is not

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posed and stretched April 23, 1877. The nerve appeared to have undergone fatty de-

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his conclusion being that, on irritation of a sensitive nerve of the brain, {trigeminus),

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Morphology — General Characters. — ^The worms are whitish in

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wdth a medical college are too ignorant to be State ex-

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colored secretion. The spleen was flabby and pale and weighed

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Dr. Charles H. Whitman, Dr. Edward T. Dillon, Dr. C. G.

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appearance which we see so frequently in rheumatic patients. The

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position and relations of the uterus, explained the various causes

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vision. Subject observes test object for periods of three minutes, with one

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lieved from duty at Fort Sidney, Neb., and ordered for

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The Urethroscope in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Urethritis, by

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but the process must be conducted in a water bath, that

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within a few weeks. The case has been one of what is called gal-

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it can only be effected by dividing them into classes, and determining the

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theless, to emphasize. Mistaken diagnoses are not infrequent in cases

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It will do well to talk of these qualities, but they will avail us but little

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There are four elementary types of eczema, which if not often

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congenital deformity ; and in congenital ichthyosis the nails may be much

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come from the internal ear and from the muscles and joints. If we

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over the area of dulness there is bronchial breathing

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produced despair of obtaining relief from any treatment. The

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but of the many bodies or associations of learned men, in which the

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operation through the vaginal opening. The case had come

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