Dramamine Suppositories

a proper circulation of air. Hippocrates (Epid. S. iii.) al-

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perceived, therefore, thai the employment of active exercise as a tonic

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large proportion of matter is continually secreted from the

is it bad to mix dramamine and alcohol

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disease as well as other inflammations of the mucous lining of

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menlary canal. JIow lonj/ it miiy rerimjn in the system is not certainly

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Sailors and fishermen are very healthy, and declare they never

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believe that medicines are actually absorbed from this membrane, par-

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has been already noticed, (p. 55.) They are there alluded

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rhma, cottiquative sweating^ and diureais, are other complaints in which

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Table XIII shows the results of chronically cold exposed animals

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ity, connected with debility of stomach, it is decidedly indicated, and

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change of air, where we can find no difference either in

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dramamine suppositories

has been quite variable, quite contradictory, and I wonder if

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