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the height of the epidemic the. number of contact carriers in both

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cases described by Hertz as dy chezia. In our roentgen

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conclusion was borne out bj the post mortem examination tuber

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in which cases the pain may be intense and relief is only gained

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Starches sugars and gums which are present in large propor

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the horses should have. Tell your clients about this wondi rful little device

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nephritis. Cases and have lung tuberculosis but the

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on early and our most active exertions proved unavailing.

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suffered from loss of sleep and appetite. On examination the

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Trauma and foot strain are proportional to the occupational factors

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Three hours after treatment with sulphate of copper

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physical improvement. The cervical lymph glands were reduced to a few tiny

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ings The kidneys presented very little gross evidence of disease. On section

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by the writer the disease was amaurosis from ansemia of the retina.

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W. P. aged healthy looking w th good muscular development

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veins of the neck by the collar is fotmd to have produced

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to relapsing to simple continued and to infantile remittent

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are still unknown. Doubtless moisture is always neces

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Resident Pupils including board lodging and washing

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Jacobi was also willing to place himself among them.

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eyelashes which will require a small operation for its cor

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he adds very recently a most striking example of the effects of

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nous aminophylline infusion. All patients had stable lev

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answer yes. Sometimes as I have already said death is due to exhaustion

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and has no chemical power of initiating such change. We

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was surely bk ntled with love and devotion and we have the fruits

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cipal and agent existing between these institutions

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the skull and injuries of the brain. His aphorism upon the

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up any laceration of the perinseum and once by request

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