Duphaston Tablet For Pregnant Ladies

a second puncture in the ninth interspace closer to the vertebral line was
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The evidence is very strong for the view that the appearance of
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to investigate this question, because changes in the heart-beat
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nary time of consumption under commercial conditions there will be no
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deep tissues of the neck. Long straps of adhesive firmly applied
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Hess and Saxl. Role of Liver in Blood Destruction, D. Archiv. f. klin. Med.,
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Beyer. Trional Poisoning, Deutsch. med. Woch., 1896, xx, 6.
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nously, and later, the point of origin having changed to the auricles,
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in which Bacillus pyocyaneus was injected into the jugular vein
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suggest any trouble in the lung. Had it not been for our prac-
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hypertrophy; while the same cause would produce dilatation of the left auri-
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A marked beneficial effect was noted in both of these patients
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chusetts, does not have the ear-marks of a contagious disease. The
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infections by experimental studies. In these studies they relied
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in the knees. In July, 1912, severe pain in the left thigh, over left patella,
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certain causes acting directly upon the nervous system, and through
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rous, in so early a stage, and in so unifoim a state, that they must have been
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paper such as that presented by Dr. Cole deserves. The readiness with
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are, as to the powers of this agent, for reasons above stated, we are
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her senses, she found she had entirely lost the power of moving her left
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The foregoing treatment is exemplified in the following case. A

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