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the throat almost as directly and surely as if administered in the

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given a glass of water. The subject urinates at the

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specimen may be preserved by adding one drop of tricresol to 25

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Microscopic agglutination tests may be made by mixing drop-

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general diet and to keep his mind off his symptoms. During

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phorus of the serum itself. Hence this value can be re-

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if they are to have any practical value. It is this unquestioning

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Wharton in his work on criminal law that quickening is the

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pretation of the results of the complement-fixation test is based on

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even the causes are ignored, so far as the prescription is con-

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An organism may therefore for a long time simply vegetate harm-

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found relating to the effects of convallaria upon the healthy

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pl ace — fibrous tissue, more or less well formed, and often of exceeding firmness,

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results of drastics surreptitiously taken. The actual amount of

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shrill laughter over a letter written to us by a correspondent in

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dium-sized black spider that can usually be distinguished by the

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j. Fletcher's Medium (for Leptospira). A 12 percent solu-

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the pink color of the methyl orange fills the solution and

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known with certainty that the kidneys are not doing their duty,

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(7) Previously tested spinal fluids that give negative and

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none of these cases have I found that soft and yielding os, which

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and other signs were those of pleural effusion. The pnevuno-

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Undue mental impressions and subtle methods for deceiving the

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morphosis is stated to be, as a rule, general. It is asserted that in the former case the fat has

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antitoxin, and serves as the control animal. If the organ-

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desoxycholate-citrate agar or SS agar, the bacteriostatic

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made by the use of special dilators or small rubber sacks. These

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or 101° in most cases, to 103° or 104° in others. Aching pain and swelling

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He should not bury his child. Many unbelievers claim that

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probable that we are dealing with a case of typhus. On the other hand,

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do not carry with them any power to confer medical or other

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(Taenia solium) of the beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata); M and N, gravid

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