Frank Hennessy


This gentleman’s name is Frank Hennessy, you probably haven’t heard of him, but he is a great man and a true character.  He is a real folk hero to the right community and a true ambassador to the roots/folk genre in Wales and the UK.

He has a gift for the traditional ideal of story telling through song.  I don’t imagine his music is something everyone would get behind, but if you ever wanted to know the history of the working class of Wales told through song, this is the place you should start.

I was truly blown away to hear his words on new music in wales, it would be easy for someone in his position to give up and just stop paying attention to “the kids”, but he hasn’t and I am so glad to hear it!

“Everybody can listen to something they like, if they can just be bothered to go and look.”

I’ve been lucky to have been brought up around people like Frank and his band members, one day, I should probably thank my parents for that.

Find out a bit more about Frank and his band “The Hennessys”

07. April 2011 by Michael Partridge
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