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develops, fulminating hepatic failure usually ensues.

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hook on a doable pnlley block in the centre of the aling ; this

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to local conditions as had been received by the Committee and presented

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present intercepting sewer by carrying the sewage now disposed

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(b) Venereal Disease, (c) Mental Deficiency, (d) Constitutional

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acetic acid instilled in the eye seems to be most effective in relieving

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ing, or the bones becoming rigid in deformity at an earlier age,

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removing all the faeces that can be reached with the finger and .y

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in both cases showed nothing to the eye, beyond a character-

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is concerned and one-eighteenth its original bacterial contents.

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fear of hospitals, operating rooms, sickness and all that pertains

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Read before the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland. Friday, May

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not do anything further. If the case is not registered in the

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On the other hand, should there be enough placenta function-

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science may fail to interpret their method of action in a satis-

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of the right arm by Doctor L. W. Ladd, but with negative

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of the medical profession in any part of the world that I have

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addressed to the public, asking a more prompt settlement of physicians'

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housed and fattened in much the same manner as hogs andlatt"

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tions which have been made to our knowledge of the biology of

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