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"The author has personally conducted more than sixty experi-

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that our contemporary "The Times" will not let slip the golden

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evacuation of the bowels occurred. This procedure was sub-

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of despair. This woman made the journey, sixty miles,

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and St. John's hospitals, was born in New York City, July 12, 1865,

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in his book which I hold in my hand, one would suppose that

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ing thai his work was highly satisfactory. Dr. Pratt was

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Dr. Smith asserted that no such thing is certainly known, and

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of little consequence. We ourselves usually prescribe, at first, capsules of sali-

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counsellor, bringing him word of all that is newest and most val-

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well-regarded member of the medical fraternity of the city. In

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Hit daughter, Miss Mary- Ilall Sayrc, is a brilliant and

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Another reason which militates in favour of this last

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in the opinion of the writer, very greatly exaggerated by the

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pointed assistant surgeon at first, but very soon aftcnraid

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the manner already described will often give surprising relief in as short a

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occiput, extending up over vertex and right side of head ; ag-

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president, trustee and councillor of the Medical Society of Kings

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ings and records are well known to the profession. Dr.

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admirably retain bandages and dressing in place during

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tended mention here. Suffice it to say that the evident object

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foods which promote peristaltic action by the mechanical irritation which they

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one child, Anita, who was born in New York City in 1906.

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the integument or on the vessel itself, after it has been

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schaf t fur Heilkunde ; member of the Academy of Science, Philadel-

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lished in the popular mind, perhaps by a post hoc ergo propter

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the action of our remedies in reaching the exact part affected,

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