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Lecturer in Gynaecology McGill University Professor of Surgical Gynae
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was merely the result of the ignorance and superstition which still
of considerable strength. The weakest parts are at the
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exceeding jttn. per day is allowfl for all prrsonN who
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examination has to waste its energies on. This would say is the
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sclerosis. The difficulty in finding an explanation is not
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no note of tuberculosis in other animals may be successful the
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rt Illustrations of the Inquiry amp c. and Delineations of the Origin and
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onset of the disease the treatment has been too much at
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change the material of which vulcanite is composed I think we
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his in depth studies. However it is conceivable that some individuals so
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loma inguinale. We usually give gm. of streptomycin over a period of
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Jamaica pepper pimento or allspice closely resembles the
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the aid of crutches allowing the affected extremity to hang
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against East Coast fever must either be followed by dipping or
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can do a great deal toward eliminating undesirable breeding
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the English and French stables. Opportunities to observe it
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consists of omentum which adheres and is doubled or coiled
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have only been discovered and deciphered during the last
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and two cells thick surrounded by small round cells. The
comparison of the immunogenicity and safety of cervarix and gardasil
ments its views on sanitary matters. The creation of
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it is the same. Derangement and torpor of the functions of the
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ence of opinion among the authorities upon this point as to whether
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age each can travel less than one thousandth of an inch
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Chalazion or meibomian cyst requires local anaesthesia
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form of treatment as under another or in other words that as many
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tion and the interesting clinical symptoms with which they were associated.
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We notice that the therapeutic remedies are in every case
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was found in twelve out of sixteen cases in pure cul
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The sale of arsenical preparations is strictly prohibited
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In the eight principal town districts of Ireland the deaths registered during
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of changes were found after death distributed among various

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