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epileptic attacks with definite variations the writer is not prepared to assert
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arc worn at first Iff h.i an hour daily. This period is
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In experimenting on lower animals it was found that after ablation of the
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this factor depends entirely upon the degree of in
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the effect of the climate and to test home grown seed
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of left thigh simulating luxation into ischiatic notch suc
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outward rotation of the thigh which brings the inner
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Hematosalpinx was found in eleven cases twenty seven
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cases was reported we find that consanguinity of parentage is a
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hours before it is tested it is absolutely necessary if one desires to
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effused blood the patient vomited incessantly he com
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In person. Dr. Fawcus was ruddy youthful and handsome
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method of primary hemostasis. Not one drop of blood
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almost putrefying mass. The action of the glands themselves is then
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iittitude is indefensible. We are prompted to make this remark
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to be treated with fibrolysin injections. After the injection of one
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cumstanc.es enhance the value and the responsibility of the
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Empyema. Pus in the pleural cavity appeared in five patients
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Causes. Falling upon the knees is often sufficient.
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the first hypodermatic dose shall not exceed one sixth
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uteri by incision a proceeding which is said to have been fol
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period strictly necessary for the acquisition and retention of
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opposite the nucleus of the spiral just mentioned. It is
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Knowledge of the specific gravity of the cerebrospinal fluid
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occurs with every symptom. I will give you an instance in
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appreciate the extent to which it probably affects life s

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