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tubercle and the relation of lupus to each. After phthisis and scrofulous

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tenotomy was the now more usual open myotomy and the

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bacteriologists of all countries he obtained cultures of the tubercle

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healing. This relapsing tendency occurs for the most part during the first

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been present. Then the gross appearance of the respiratory organs

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alyzed muscles. Both galvanism and faradism are rec

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of this single extensive removal with the knife was

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sufficiently large midway between the anus and the tu

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In conclusion I wish to express my thanks to Dr. Hamilton for his

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Drying. This bacillus resists drying for a variable length of time

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the culture becomes older. Indeed after hours incubation the

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blood in the processes of reception and elimination or from those

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strawberries gooseberries raspberries blackberries whortleber

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and its causes sufficiently describes its ordinary symp

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thirty dozen of same besides my prescriptions. Have been highly satisfied with

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