The Muppets Christmas Carol – A missing scene…

I always say, there is no talking of Christmas until my Dad’s birthday is over! His birthday was yesterday, so meet my first thoughts on Christmas…well its something that bothered me from last year and still does…

This song is from “The Muppets Chirstmas Carol”, (which is probably my favourite Christmas movie ever) or is it? Well here is the annoying thing, this scene was not in the cinematic release, it was in the video release, it is in the version which has frequented TV (or atleast when I have seen it) and it is NOT in the DVD version!

Why is this a big deal I hear you thinking? Well, for one thing, the version with this scence in (from now on to be known as MCCA) is the one that holds nostalgia for me, the process of watching MCCA as my family puts up the Christmas tree, putting it on whilst everyone else is still asleep on Christmas day morning…there are countless examples of why MCCA means the world to me and yet the annoyance can start here!

Last Christmas, I found that I had no way of playing the video I have had since I was a child (MCCA) and I thought to myself, well I had better go out and buy a DVD version with the all singing all dancing widescreen version! I bought it, and decided to it watch it in bed as I went to sleep. As I was watching I started to feel a little heavy eyed and fell asleep about half way through, so when I thought I had slept through a scene I didn’t think anything of it. I returned to just before this scene the night after, this time a little more alert than before, and was fully aware that the DVD I had purchased was missing this scene! (This version is now MCCB)

I wasn’t best pleased! I honestly felt like returning the DVD!

Nostalgia is one thing, but the beauty of this scene is in the character development! Yes, I said character development in reference to a Muppets film! In the grand scheme of the Scrooge character, it is hard to think about him without seeing him broken down in MCCA. The complete defeat/reduction to tears by the ghost of Christmas past, is so central to the idea of being rebuilt (and shows in more or less every scrooge spin), plus Michael Cain’s performance is so flawless you are dragged into his regret. MCCB without this song almost leaves you wondering if he actually cared about his wife to be. The lose just isn’t really felt by the audience, leaving the scenes that follow slightly strange. MCCA shows a broken man in the process of rebuilding his life, MCCB shows a man who wasn’t really that upset by the lose of his first love and then suddenly is incredibly happy for almost no reason!

Basically what I am getting at is, I want to version I had on video on DVD!

12. November 2010 by Michael Partridge
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