My bass rig.


Meet my bass rig, I’ve built it up over the years of playing with The Modern Farewell, I think it says a lot about me.

Bass: budget Squire p-bass. It looked and played nice, so I bought it. £190 well spent.

Additions: Arteries stickers because it matches the colour scheme and a Punk Bikes badge on the strap because they take good care of me.

Cab: Laney Richter 4×10. I wish I knew more than that about it, but I don’t, bought it for £40 from the singer of my old band.

Additions: I was certain people were borrowing it from my practice room without asking, so I decided to paint the grill pink. I love pink, most people don’t. I was thinking about just painting it pink, then I decided to wear my heart on my sleeve, as it were and add a massive black cross as a further discourager to ‘borrow’ it. I have no shame that I am straight edge. This is a perfect hybrid of 2 things I like.

Amp: Ashdown 1000watt little giant. I went into Gamlins and asked them for a really simple, loud amp as I was planning on using pedals to get ‘my sound’ so all it needed to be was a volume control. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another bass amp, unless I randomly find a Fender Bassman 100 head for less than £500.

Pedals: (hidden) mandatory Boss TU3 Tuner, Sansamp DI bass driver, Blackstar HT Dual, MXR Graphic EQ, Boss NS2 Noise surpresser.

1. Always go direct into your tuner.

2. Then Sansamp because every sound man will thank you for having a clean DI signal that he can work with.

3. Then shit gets daft, and its purely the sound coming off stage, in a small venue, this will be more audible than the PA, but the DI signal will ‘fill it out’. Blackstar for some real valve distortion tone push and then the graphic EQ to push harder and control the frequencies even further.

4. Noise surpresser. If you stack this much insanity on top of each other, you will know why you need one of these.

I love reading about shit like this with people I think have a good sound, so I thought I would share this. Shame its not all super awesome specialist kit, but it makes some serious noise.

10. September 2013 by Michael Partridge
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