New Year

A few years ago the idea of new years resolutions would have offended me. Why wait until an arbitrary date to do something that you can simply start today? The answer is simple, at that point in my life I worked through the holiday period so had no time to reflect on the previous 12 months. This year was the second Christmas I have had off in a row, and I had plenty of time to relax, enjoy and reflect.

I’m going to make a quick point though, if its October and you say, “I’m going to make quitting smoking my new years resolution.” You are being stupid. You can make a change at any point in the year and shouldn’t be afraid to do so. If you are making an excuse and putting it off, you are likely to put it off again and make an excuse…

So, here are some of the things that I wish to improve in my little world:


1. Do something with my photography.

I’ve got thousands of photos gathering electronic dust on a hard drive, its time I put them out there a bit more.


2. Take more photos.

This goes hand in hand with the previous idea. I’ve got decent equipment that hasn’t seen enough use yet.


3. Skate more.

A friend talked to me about getting a board for Christmas, he got one, so we better start skating! Could also be an excellent opportunity for some photos.


4. Buy a new BMX.

The one I have is far to heavy, so I don’t really enjoy riding it at all. It was a gift, so I can’t complain, perhaps I’ll give that one away.


5. Keep reading.

I’ve been reading more over the last few months and it has made me very happy, so I’m going to keep doing it!


6. Design some stuff again.

I used to design stuff all the time, then my job shifted from design to development and I’ve lost touch with design. I don’t mind if its just a poster hear and there, but I’d like to start again.


7. Sort my web presence out.

I do a lot more than I used to, and I’d like to think it all has a place, I’d like to get it sorted into its categories and be organised.


8. Run.

I love running. Injuries held me back last year, I need to find out how to get around it.


9. Paint my kitchen.

I meant to do it over the Christmas break, but didn’t get round to it.


10. Do something to improve myself.

Gloriously vague, but I’ve been treating to get singing lessons for 5 years, considered doing something new and different…I don’t care as long as I do something.


11. Record an album.

This is almost a certainty, but it’s still nice to put in. The interesting part is how we go about it!

05. January 2013 by Michael Partridge
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