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phenacetin bromides morphine or salicylic acid. For the spasms we may

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Georgia and Alabama field hospitals held themselves in readi

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for hospitals. It is anticipating that this would eliminate

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ration has been several times repeated upon this patient during the

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woimds of the intestines that it seems impossible to do other

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The natural and under proper control laudable inclination to

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being much wafted both within and without the jaw. He is a maa

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Gyn. and Obst. xx calls attention to the difficulties often

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the varialble sensibility of different portions the continuity of

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inches. As the knife sinks into the limb it passes between the

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but effective aperient of convenient form and without

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come the effects of indiscretions on the part of the patient. Butter


cates did mention the discrepancy in the figures. However

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by this instrument in these cases without the practitioner being ex

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containing only sodium calcium and potassium salts together

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felf thus Mercury attacks the Fauces and their Glands produc

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They I have shown existing agencies. They therefore consti

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in order to determine the evolution of a tumour. The cocci enter

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being favoured by the warmth of the weather even although it

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sary to constitute sound practitioners and in nine cases out

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right apex. Abdomen Flat with visible peristalsis on deep


neal cavity the other by feeding sputum. Your committee have not

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patient it is better to administer hypodermically a quarter of a

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all of the four classes of nutrients protein fats carbohydrates

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recourse to books being encouraged during the sunnncr session.

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ner. Since it is fairly well established that the thyroid and adrenal

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a brave and slender advance guard fighting its uncertain way

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for him as for all of us its particular meanings. Only on

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