Nombre Generico De Casodex

duties to the profession ; and that it stands to this
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high approbation with which they regarded the dignified
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phthisis in the general paralytic was extremely rare;
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Irvine, Surgeon J., M.D.,Sth Foot, to be Staff-Surgeon, vice V.'. T.
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Thursday St. George's, 1 p.m. — Central London Ophthalmic,
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simple concussion, and no evidence of organic change
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importance to the election of medical officers which the
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France, Iceland was also in 1809 visited by th» same
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much les.sened by the important fact that small-pox
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source than contact with a virus obtained from a pri-
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the practice of autolaryngoscojiy affords the most efTec-
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be extensively distributed and placarded throughout the
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mustard totlie legs and feet and cold to the head. Some
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stances, intrusted to other hands than those of the
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three sittings each of twenty minutes duration. The
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which could be in any way interpreted as a pressure
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they are Manifested, with a View to the better Understanding and
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Sturkey, Henry G., L.R.C.P.Ed., to be Medical Officer to District
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army, are worthy of a place here. We trust that all
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to overcoiTie as far as possible the disease tliereby in-
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rior extremity is very fine, and presents a round, un-
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a superiority in the vermicide action of this medicine,
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active, equal, of ordinary size. The pupil cf one eye was
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about half the size of the other one. ■ How long it re-
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seems to me that, in the case of every elementary part
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labours of the scientific committees already so aus-

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