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he says, is the case when the bufFy coat is prevented from forming, as

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We are not aware of any observation which is opposed to Dr.

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some index of absent cerebral blood flow are confirmatory.

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3 wk. (3) Sterihze by heating in the water bath 1 hr. at 65C. (4) Filter

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of ligaments and unnatural and free mobility. These two

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less and unnecessary opening of the peritoneum in excision of

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And although it must be admitted that it is very difficult

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bowel is to be seen in the specimen. A vei-y marked contrac-

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do, and not only that but some new bands of thin cicatricial

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stipulate the primary diagnosis. It should be stressed that a

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Whereas, all persons, medical and non-medical, serving on

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states that it usually occurs in young subjects and is met with

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the operator feels he can separate at its neck without much

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with the wound in the ilio-costal space. It was small, cystic,

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five minutes in coagulating, and was sizy, whilst that in the

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that bird are also oblong, corresponding in every respect with the

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injected. The dose should be at least Surgeon, Dr. J. Ford Thompson; Attendii

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(3) In these cases it is the hands that first regain the

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lloalthy adult male prisoners were treated with Hermann's Mixture

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chills, and progressively severe dyspnea on exertion, orthop-

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lymphatic system generally. Similar views as to the office

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ber, and the top of the figure should be noted on a label

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My third case was a boy, est. 4, who was brought to the

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wrote of each other, it is pleasing to suppose that they did not

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bable that the actual pathological process commenced long

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cuts the bone with minimal disruption of the investing

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