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total thyroidectomy in nine dogs, gave intravenous injections of an

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former studies 1 an attempt was made to investigate cerebral sensory

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by the aid of thyroid extract, but we have no hesitation in saying

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dogs. This work makes it very probable the glucose formation from

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dicrotic. So also after the administration of aperients, especially

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others 3 who also quote the literature extensively. The human diabetic

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ditions for the study of race influences upon disease and mortality, because

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rupture of the heart (Petit). Thus it may be understood that while

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destruction at the higher levels, and their presence in the ascending pathways was

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almost convulsive manifestations of cardiac asthma.

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tion reaction. No giant cells were seen within the cerebral substance, though


half the cases examined by the committee of the Clinical Society.

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is constantly that seen before the marked change occurred. No further change

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this must be so is evident, when we remember that microscopical

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commercial products by the state agricultural experiment stations, of

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This pathological group must also be subdivided into two classes,

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tice. Thyroid grafting, if successful, is a most satisfactory method

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sation, the reason being that thick deposits of fibrin within the sac

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The origin of carbohydrates from protein in the animal body has

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The prognosis is bad. The rupture itself often takes life at once.

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by the ventricular responses to the auricular contractions which occur

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beat in Lead II would be broken by an auricular deflection if 2 to 1

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artery to the wall of the thorax and the facility of compression of the

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pressure upon, and obliteration of, the left innominate vein may allow

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patient in laying out his plans for the future with some confidence.

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largement is generally uniform and often symmetrical, but in many

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is rather striking. In each instance, except for the group of white

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