Poster for Arliss Nancy at Le Pub


That’s right, I designed a poster! I don’t do it that often anymore, so it’s nice when I get to.

This was for an awesome band called Arliss Nancy (go ahead click the link) and the folks of STHC Cardiff (go ahead click that link, they put on awesome gigs), I know it’s nothing incredible, but it made me smile to get back on the design band wagon. Bit of a rushed job, but I really like what is going on at the top!

Without this getting into a review of the gig, if you like the sound of a dash of Lucero, mixed with some Gaslight Anthem and a little bit of the Hold Steady on the side, then they are definitely worth checking out.

Click the links:

Arliss Nancy

STHC Cardiff

Le Pub

18. September 2013 by Michael Partridge
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