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counts of miracles said to have been seen by them.
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tion and muscular exertion is always accompanied by the
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safest general rule is to direct patients to incline the head forward so
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ed the community. Many very many have been the cases that were
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matter granules without any regular form size or structure may float
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could easily bear the smell of tobacco have been thrown
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publication that dourine was found to exist in this State the past
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this theory he adduces the following facts Animals deeply
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to the destructive action of the gastric juices. He first neutralized
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closed. No further discomfort was experienced by the
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In closing the discussion Dr. Burt said that his hopes
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follows First the vessel becomes telangiectatic may be in from
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ment of the courses Tboth for post graduates and for ordinary
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but there remains for investigation a point more vital to the
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until February when he again had some sore throat and
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edges of the wound being brought together by adhesive plaster.
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Ferran s intellectual balance is pretty well shown by the
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taken to compensate for them. Most of the false negative
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mated by the spirit find it necessary in the struggle
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orrhage is a specific cure pro ding the patient has not
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many persons abuse their stomachs so abominably. Some
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production of insanity. Schroeder van der Kolk directed special attention to
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which have been done where the accoucheur has not been cautious.
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the control specimen. This is in accord with Monari s obser
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interested in microscopical science may become a member
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ligature being tied the ends were cut short and the artery

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