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During the detibrination of the blood by beating and filtration

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cially by one who has moved in high circle, he is examined by ex-

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ly severe gastric crises, he had the stomach washed out every day

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be carefully selected and their names received promptly.

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his assurance and plausibility; nor would he be in the position of

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child continued to be anemic and abscesses continued to appear

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of the greatest recorded collections of case histories in

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"Selective Service and Psychiatry,” at the fourth annual

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which was made up of connective tissue and polymor-

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ment charges five separate conspiracies defined by their

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Success involves county medical society activity and

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given by Mrs. Charles J. Eicher, the new president of

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An admirable combination cf well-krcwn and highly approved

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Introductory Remarks About the General Problem 3 to 5 minutes

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not been done in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has not

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gram for protecting the public health. Reading was the

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of the group to present patients or prepared papers at

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to make them available at its scientific meetings and

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to absorb much of the contents. The chapters dealing

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holism is a very possible cause of epileptic seizures, and that in

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tw T o and one-half fingers dilated and definite uterine

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of their ears, a growth of fine, dark hair. The hair is of the

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for the sake of obtaining the highest culture are so various that

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facilities. However, there are a few simple things that

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to add some new material as well as to alter and add

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slides illustrating some of the puzzling lesions that confront the radiologist and the clinician for diag-

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The last paper was entitled “Surgical Treatment of

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President: Robert L. Anderson, Jenkins Arcade, Pitttsburgh.

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rales developed, but there were no signs of consolida-

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pitalization and disability, the shorter conversion

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2. Sebrell, W. H.: Nutritional Diseases in the United

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Herman G. Difenderfer, a past president. The minutes

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nerve matter is in a very immature state; the possession of a few

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of the diagnosis of war injuries of the genito-urinary

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show neurologic or psychiatric symptoms. The dysen-

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