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most instances has proved to some extent abortive. I allude to the

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considered that all the symptoms of acute hydrocephalus are referable to

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probably accidental. In one case which hadbeen under his care

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Potassium has recently been reported by Dr. Wolf, of

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responsible for many cases of deafness. Otitis may occur almost at the

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to ascertain the nature of the pathogenic microbes.

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by indecision and unsteadiness in the muscles of vocal

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is applied to foul, indolent, sloughing, and cancerous

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the guardians of Koncevall were allotted the munificent annual income

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creatitis has been a question subject to considerable dis-

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In the old splints the weight of the body when the pa-

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method that is safe and free from the objection of the

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conservative and aggressive processes are combined in

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plaining of being faint. On examination, I found the os uteri

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by Kur^Mcal nK-ans. but in the great majority <>f instances every procedure re-

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and will form part of one of the discussions at the Obstetric Section

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whom, it is highly gratifying to state, intoxication

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Dr. E. M. Moore, of Rochester, asked what objection

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knew best. Some men might operate oftener than others,

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the Oil disguised. Those who prefer to buy it will find it at any

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exception of some uneasiness in the cardiac region.

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the onset of the symptoms. If the complication does not end fatally,

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by un occasional sexual dehirc which was in every respect

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I will first record my third operation for this afiPection.

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symptoms in medicine which can be reathly catalogued

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animals. The blood is colourless, and contains many pale granular globules,

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matique par le pou du corps," Comptes rend. Acad, des Sci., 1909, p. 486.

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advances slowh' and is far less likely than gangrene to cause general

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