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In the few years that Federal meat inspection has been in

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break including putrid fevers and putrid inflammations of the lungs with

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monia cases at the end of the second week be subjected

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always present in this disease and frequently the breathing

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measure to saturation of the residual air in the lungs to

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chains often occurring in clumps. These small forms lost the Gram

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carefully discounted. The cheapest the most rapid and

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for opening the abdomen to drain an abscess which can be

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damaged wounds in muscle and aponeurosis unite by firm narrow

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nish a suitable package for its transportation. In some instances

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paralysis from apoplexy consist first in subduing the inflammatory

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membrane and wall are normal except at the pylorus where there is much

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tacked her but a little time before obstinate vomitings and

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personal and commonly transient peculiarities one is more likely

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this disease we did not deem it necessary but decidedly unes

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