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of the children, attending several of the schools, requesting their per-

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stillations such as we have found to confer primary protection. It

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is good if the patient is manageable. Death

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complete retrorersion of the enlarged uteras, which was at least

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These parasites were secured 15 minutes after a paroxysm.

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different from that in the human heart. In the rabbit I have always

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no albumen ; and the discoloration was considered of no consequence.

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pain. Months and years may elapse before the articular changes are

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now that old physic has attained a beard, we strongly recommend

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The excipients generally used were oil, glycerine or

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power of the drug. If the exacerbations do not disappear, but are de-

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respiration 40, irregular, at times sighing; lips dry; abdomen a

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05 bad very diffcurre inflatnin«tloD» tbe poatule still moist on the

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jected into mice intraperitoneally. The blood of the infected mice

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or normal salt solution, as the experimental conditions required.

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symptoms returned, accompanied by jactitation ; about four ounces

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inches to 30.3 inches. For eight days there was aninterrupted frost

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in ataxia. A patient with cerebellar disease can stand and walk better with

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causing spasms tlio same anatomical facts are to be considered as in the

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tion lasted four or five minutes, during which time the patient ap-

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Presence of Bacilli in the Bile.— In the first set of experiments, the

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to buy from him all the remedies that he has recom-

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professional man ; and were this not the case, the recent successes

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The number of red corpuscles is greatly diminished and their size and out-

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Dr. Barrish stated that a case of labour in which chloroform was

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Earely are the muscles, periosteum, bones, conjunctiva, and retina the

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exertion should be avoided, and if syphilis be suspected, an anti-syphilitic

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York hospital, and we believe that there are not a few of the sur*


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coma. The pulse runs up to 150 or 170 per minute, is feeble, small and

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paralysis — that dread disease of the young — is a

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the people are nearly all quacks, and nothing but the lights of ana-

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6. The dilation of the subclavian is circumscribed, is distal to the

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that they become spherical within a large hanging drop. Uhlen-

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